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Works at Gjermund Andresen

Gjermund Andresen is a graduate Theatre and Performance Designer at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in 2004. Since then he has contributed as a scenographer and costume designer in over 80 productions, among others. At the Norwegian Theatre, Riksteatret, Oslo Nye Teater, Hålogaland Theatre, the source, Rogaland Teater, Den Nationale Scene, Peer Gynt v/goose-down water, the opera in Kristiansund, Brageteatret, Teater Ibsen, Nationaltheatret and Trøndelag Teater m. Fler.

Gjermund has designed everything from small tours for the cultural school bag, including "Brune" and "Snow Hula", big musicals such as "Book of Mormon", "Cabaret" and "Oliver", to the great outdoor performances of classic as "Peer Gynt" and not least our own "magic whistle" here At Opera Østfold in 2017. Gjermund is current with "snowfall" at Oslo Nye Teater, "Hyper in Egypt" at the Norwegian Theatre and "George's Magical Medicine" on tour at Riksteatret. During the spring of 2019 he has done a tour at Riksteatret, two performances for Brageteatret and a church opera on the program.